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Personal Empowerment

PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT: These two words sum up our purpose and focus.

“Regain your healthy, balanced self…and ultimately make excellent choices for yourself which bring excellent results to you, your family, friends, and job.”

In the whirlwind of rapidly-changing cultural conditions, technological advancements, and scientific discoveries, the human part of us has become malnourished. We join the everyday race of going to work, caring for families, and attempting to address everyone’s needs. We try to apply the latest pop psychology to our frenetic lives, but we go to bed exhausted and feeling like a failure.

How often have you gone to sleep worrying about what you should have done, where you fell short, why you fell short, or that someone said you were not good enough. Why do you feel alone in the midst of your family or company or community?

How did this happen? How did stress and dissatisfaction creep up on you? You forgot yourself in the rush and hustle and responsibilities. You kept trying to do what ‘they’ said you should do for your family, your job, and your friends. But what about you… the one who lives in your skin? What does that person need? What does that person lack? Where can you find what you lack? Who has the answers for you, anyway?

When a person begins to feel powerless, anger grows. We see that on the news every night. The deeper the lack of personal power, the greater the anger until things erupt.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but no one has really given you a way to handle the pressures of life. That’s where the Inner Life Foundation comes in. We know that the longer we stay in anger and powerlessness and futility, the less we can be loving and caring to ourselves and the more we blame our misery on those around us.

Our goal is to guide you back to your personal value, worth and importance. You are important—you must become the center of your life or you will be overwhelmed by all the needs surrounding you. It’s about discovering a place of peace and openness in your own consciousness where you can refresh yourself from your daily stress.

Come Home to yourself. In that inner journey, you regain your healthy, balanced self; you are able to witness your life from a higher perspective and ultimately make excellent choices for yourself which bring excellent results to you, your family, friends, and job.

The really wonderful thing is this: while it may have taken you years to become the stressed out individual that you are, turning your life around doesn’t take that same amount of time. A dramatic shift takes place as you explore your inner world.

Investing time is necessary and along the way, you discover, witness and live your progress. You will be happier and have a happier family. You will experience your job in a different way—whether you realize it’s a treasure, or you realize it’s not the right place for you.

Isn’t it time for you? If not now, when?