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Living Consciously Through Inner Explorations: Level 1, Section 1 (4 explorations):

  • Your Special Place — MP3 / 8.59 MB
  • Your Angelic Friend — MP3 / 13.1 MB
  • Meeting Your Higher Self — MP3 / 13.2 MB
  • Your Family of Light — MP3 / 13.4 MB


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Includes the following Inner Explorations:

Living Consciously Through Inner Explorations: Level 1, Section 1 (4 explorations)

Your Special Place

It is important to have a place within where you can go to refresh yourself and connect with your higher energies. Taking time to establish the Special Place gives you a soft and beautiful beginning to each Inner Exploration.

Your Angelic Friend

In this Exploration, you meet your Angelic Friend who has been with you and only you for a long time. This Angel loves and helps protect you and provides support and encouragement.

Meeting Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is a manifestation of your eternal Soul. Consistent communication with your Higher Self sparks the recognition and development of your Soul Qualities so that you can express them in your life.

Your Family of Light

You are part of a Spiritual Family. It is time to meet members of your Family of Light. Just as you have individuals who are of your earthly lineage, you have individuals in your Spiritual Lineage. Sometimes, they are the same. Sometimes, they are not.